Enter the intensity of the light (lux) into the Grow Light Distance Calculator. The calculator will evaluate and display the Grow Light Distance. 

Grow Light Distance Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the Grow Light Distance. 

Dgl = L / 12.088
  • Where Dgl is the Grow Light Distance (inches)
  • L is the intensity of the light (lux) 

To calculate the grow light distance, divide the intensity of the light by 12.088.

How to Calculate Grow Light Distance?

The following example problems outline how to calculate Grow Light Distance.

Example Problem #1:

  1. First, determine the intensity of the light (lux).
    • The intensity of the light (lux) is given as: 955.
  2. Finally, calculate the Grow Light Distance using the equation above: 

Dgl = L / 12.088

The values given above are inserted into the equation below and the solution is calculated:

Dgl = 955 / 12.088 = 79 (inches)


What is lux in the context of grow lights?

Lux is a unit of measurement for illuminance, representing the amount of light that falls on a surface. In the context of grow lights, it measures the intensity of light that plants receive, which is crucial for their growth and development.

Why is it important to calculate the correct grow light distance?

Calculating the correct distance between grow lights and plants is essential to ensure that plants receive the optimal amount of light. Too much light can cause heat stress or burning, while too little light can lead to weak growth and poor yield.

Can the grow light distance formula be used for all types of plants?

The grow light distance formula provides a general guideline for setting up grow lights. However, different plants have varying light requirements. It’s important to research specific light needs for each plant species and adjust the light distance accordingly for optimal growth.