GST Calculator (Good and Service Tax)

Enter the net price and gross price of a good or service into the GST calculator. The calculator will return the GST percentage.

GST Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the goods and service tax.

GST = GP – NP / GP*100

  • Where GST is the goods and service tax
  • GP is the gross price
  • NP is the net price

GST Definition

GST is short for goods and service tax and it is a tax that all must pay on produced goods or provided services.

How to calculate GST?

How to calculate GST

  1. First, determine the gross price

    The gross price is the price of a good or service before any taxes.

  2. Next, determine the net price

    This is the price of the good or service after the GST tax has been applied. This is typically the price of the good or service that is paid by the end user or customer.

  3. Finally, calculate the GST

    Use the formula above to calculate the GST by entering the gross and net price from steps 1 and 2.


What is GST?

GST stand for goods and service tax. It’s a tax applied to all good and services sold that is collected by the government.

What is a net price?

A net price is the price of the actual good. This is a price before tax is applied.

What is a gross price?

A gross price is the total cost of a good or service with tax included.

GST Calculator

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