Enter your heart rate exactly at the end of your workout or set and the heart rate after 1 minute of rest to determine your heart rate recovery.

Heart Rate Recovery Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a heart rate recover.

HRR = MHR - HR1min
  • Where HRR is your heart rate recovery
  • MHR is your max heart rate or heart rate exactly at the end of a workout or set
  • HR1min is your heart rate after 1 minute of rest after max heart rate or end of the workout

To calculate heart rate recovery, subtract your heart rate 1 minute after a max effort workout from the max heart rate during the workout.

Heart Rate Recovery Definition

A heart rate recovery is a speed at which your heart rate drops back down to normal levels after it’s been at an elevated rate.

Heart Rate Recovery Example

How to calculate heart rate recovery?

  1. First, measure your heart rate right after the end of a set or workout.

    For this example, we will say our heart rate is 180BPM.

  2. Next, measure your heart rate after one minute.

    After one minute of rest, we find our heart rate to be 160BPM.

  3. Finally, calculate the heart rate recovery.

    Using the equation above we find the recovery to be 180-160 = 20BPM.


What is a good heart rate recovery after 1 min?

On average, a good heart rate recovery is around 20BPM after 1 minute of rest. As you move closer your resting heart rate this rate will decrease.

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