Enter the index and the slope rating into the calculator to convert the index to a handicap value.

Index to Handicap Formula

The following formula is used to convert a course index to handicap.

H = I * SR / 113
  • Where H is the handicap
  • I is the index rating
  • SR is the slope rating

To calculate the handicap from index, multiply the index by the slope rating, then divide by 113.

Handicap Definition

A handicap is defined as a number of strokes that a golfer receives on any particular course.

Index to Handicap Example

How to calculate handicap from index?

  1. First, determine the index.

    Measure or calculate the total index of the golf course.

  2. Next, determine the slope rating.

    Calculate the slope rating of the tee chosen by the player.

  3. Finally, calculate the handicap.

    Calculate the handicap from the index using the equation above.


What is an index?

An index is the player’s potential ability on a course of standard playing difficulty.

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