Enter the total jogging distance (miles) and the average jogging speed (mph) into the Calculator. The calculator will evaluate the Jog Time. 

Jog Time Formula

JT = JD / JS *60


  • JT is the Jog Time (minutes)
  • JD is the total jogging distance (miles)
  • JS is the average jogging speed (mph)

To calculate Jog Time, divide the total jogging distance by the average jogging speed.

How to Calculate Jog Time?

The following steps outline how to calculate the Jog Time.

  1. First, determine the total jogging distance (miles). 
  2. Next, determine the average jogging speed (mph). 
  3. Next, gather the formula from above = JT = JD / JS *60.
  4. Finally, calculate the Jog Time.
  5. After inserting the variables and calculating the result, check your answer with the calculator above.

Example Problem : 

Use the following variables as an example problem to test your knowledge.

total jogging distance (miles) = 1.5

average jogging speed (mph) = 3


What factors can affect my jogging speed?

Several factors can affect jogging speed, including fitness level, terrain, weather conditions, and whether you’re jogging on an empty stomach or after a meal. Training, hydration, and proper rest also play significant roles.

How can I improve my jogging time?

To improve your jogging time, focus on consistent training, incorporating interval workouts, improving your running form, and ensuring you’re getting enough rest and proper nutrition. Gradually increasing your distance and speed over time can also help.

Is it better to jog longer distances at a slower speed or shorter distances at a faster speed?

It depends on your fitness goals. For endurance building, longer distances at a slower pace are beneficial. For improving speed and cardiovascular health, shorter distances at a higher intensity might be more effective. A combination of both can provide a well-rounded fitness regime.

How often should I jog to see improvements?

To see improvements, it’s recommended to jog at least 3 times a week. Consistency is key, along with allowing adequate recovery time between sessions to prevent injuries and ensure progress.