Keto Macro Calculator

Calculate the proper amount of macro nutrients (Carbs, Proteins, and Fats) you need to eat in order to be in a Ketogenic state.


Keto Calculator

Keto is short for ketogenic which is the process in which the body uses fats for fuels instead of carbohydrates, or glucose to be more specific. The reason for this physiological response in humans is that we developed the ability to go long periods of time without food. During these times, your body only has so much glucose stored for fuel in muscles. Once that is used up, the boy must use fat for fuel.

So what is this “keto calculator” used for? Well, normally your body only burns fat for fuel when it has gone without food for long periods of time, but more specifically, it’s gone long periods of time without glucose. In short, you can force your body to be in this ketogenic state through limiting carbs and eating mostly fats. Why would you might want to do this you ask? Mainly for weight loss, since your body will more readily burn your fat stores away when it doesn’t have enough nutrients.

In order to be in this state, you need to limit carbs. But how many grams of carbs can you eat, as well as fats and proteins is key to being in this state and is why this calculator was created.

Keto Diet Calculator

The keto diet has made a resurgence in recent years do to it’s success in allowing people to lose weight and feel better. This is likely for two reasons. First, since you are limiting carbs, you have to cut out sugar almost completely. Most people know by now that sugar is just about the worst “food” you can put in your body for your health. Without it, most people feel better. Second, when you cut out carbs you cut out a massive source of calories. Replacing this amount of calories with foods mainly comprised of fat is often physically difficult because of the shear volume of food you need to consume, so most people start losing weight. Third, fat regulates your hunger hormone. When you eat mainly fat, you are less hungry though the day.

The keto diet is straight forward in theory, but there are many little things you need to calculate in order to do it properly. This calculator essentially does that entirely for you.

How to calculate macros for Keto

First, lets take a step back. You may be asking, what are macros? Macros is short for macro nutrients which are known as fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. They are the three sources for calories you get from food. In order to be in keto, you need to eat a certain amount of each.

What does that look like? Typically it’s recommended that you get 70% of calories from fat, 25% calories from protein, and 5% calories for carbs for optimal ketogenisis, but these numbers can vary depending on your day to day activities. For instance, athletes may be able to bump that 5% carbs up to 10%.

Alright, now to calculate the grams of each from total calories. First calculate the total number of calories you need per day with this calorie calculator.

Next, consider the amount of calories you get from each gram of macro nutrient as follows: 1g of fat= 9 calories, 1g of carbs = 4 calories, and 1g of protein = 4 calories.

Now multiply your total daily calories by each percentage mentioned above. For example if your daily calories is 2,000 multiply by 70% and get 1400 calorie from fat. Now divide by 9 calories per gram of fat and you get 155g of fats. You can do the same process for the other to macros and now you have a guideline on what to eat.

Keto Flue

The keto flue is described as the initial period of fat adaption that is usually accompanied by flue like symptoms. This is due to your body releasing it’s glycogen stores causing you to urinate and lose electrolytes. A key to avoiding the keto flue is drink fluids that contain electrolytes such as salt and potassium.

Keto Cheat Day

Often times people find it hard to adhere to keto 100% of the time. They then use a cheat day every week to keep their desires in check. We recommend you avoid doing this. This can kick you out of the ketogenic state, and leave you feeling sick for a day or two afterwards. If you are considering doing keto, you should go all in. The longer you do it, the easier it will become as you get used to it and discover more foods.