Enter the total number of labor hours and the total number of tests performed into the calculator to determine the laboratory productivity.

Laboratory Productivity Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the Laboratory Productivity.

LP = TP / LH 
  • Where LP is the laboratory productivity (test/hour)
  • LH is the number of labor hours
  • TP is the number tests performed

To calculate the laboratory productivity, divide the number of tests performed by the number of labor hours.

What is Laboratory Productivity?


Laboratory productivity is the efficiency and effectiveness of a laboratory at producing results. It measures how much work a laboratory can complete in a given period.

“Laboratory” here is defined as the entire process of performing a test, including all associated tasks, work-in-progress, reagents, and equipment. The measurement units are typically a number of tests performed per hour or day but can be any other measurable quantity.

What is laboratory effectiveness?

Laboratory Effectiveness is the ability of the laboratory to complete test orders accurately and on time. It involves the efficiency with which reagents are used, protocols are followed, and specimens are processed.

LE can be measured in many ways depending on the type of test performed and the needs of each laboratory. Quality assurance metrics such as turnaround time, accuracy, repeatability, and consistency contribute to LE. A high-quality assurance rating indicates that laboratory staff are following written procedures correctly and consistently.