Enter the running time of the slowest goods train over the critical block section, the block operation time, and the efficiency factor into the calculator to determine the line capacity.

Line Capacity Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the line capacity of a train section.

C = 1440 / (T+t) * E
  • Where C is the line capacity
  • T is the running time of the slowest train in the critical block section (minutes)
  • t is the Block operation time
  • E is the efficiency factor of the line

This is known as Scott’s formula. To calculate a line capacity, sum the running time of the slowest train and the block operation time, divide 1440 by this result, then multiply by the efficiency factor.

Line Capacity Definition

A line capacity is defined as the total number of trains that can run on a certain block section over a 24 hour period.

Example Problem

How to calculate a line capacity?

First, determine the running time of the slowest train in the block section. For this example, the slowest train runs at 20 minutes.

Next, determine the total Block operation time. For this problem, the Block operation time is found to be 100 minutes.

Next, determine the efficiency factor. This is a factor that accounts for operational inefficiencies in running the line. We will assume this factor is .75.

Finally, calculate the line capacity using the formula,

C = 1440 / (T+t) * E

= 1440/ (20+100) * .75 = 9 trains per 24 hours.

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