Enter the circulating current and the total area into the calculator to determine the magnetic momentum.

Magnetic Moment Formula

The following equation can be used to calculate a magnetic moment.

m = I * A 
  • Where m is the magnetic moment (amps*m^2)
  • I is the current (amps)
  • A is the area (m^2)

To calculate the magnetic moment, multiply the current by the area.

Magnetic Moment Definition

A magnetic moment is defined as the product of the current and area of a magnetic field.

Magnetic Moment Example

How to calculate magnetic moment?

  1. First, determine the currents.

    Calculate the current of the magnetic field.

  2. Next, determine the area.

    Calculate the total area.

  3. Finally, calculate the magnetic moment.

    Calculate the magnetic moment using the formula above.


What factors can affect the calculation of magnetic moment?

The accuracy of magnetic moment calculations can be influenced by several factors, including the uniformity of the magnetic field, the precision in measuring the area and current, and the assumption that the current distribution is uniform across the area.

How is the magnetic moment related to magnetic fields?

The magnetic moment is a vector quantity that determines the torque a magnetic object will experience in an external magnetic field. It is directly related to the strength and direction of the magnetic field produced by an object.

Can the magnetic moment be negative?

While the magnitude of the magnetic moment is always positive, its direction (indicated by the sign in vector notation) can be considered negative if it points opposite to a defined reference direction. This is often a matter of convention based on the context of the discussion or analysis.

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