Enter the formula weight, desired finale volume, and desired concentration into the calculator to determine the mass molarity.

Mass Molarity Formula

The following formula is used to calculate mass from molarity.

M = C * V * W
  • Where M is the mass (g)
  • C is the concentration (Molar)
  • V is the volume (L)
  • W is the formula weight (g/mol)

To calculate the mass molarity, multiply the concentration, volume, and weight together.

Mass Molarity Definition

Mass molarity is the total mass of a solution based on the molarity and weight of a substance.

Mass Molarity Example

How to calculate mass molarity?

  1. First, determine the concentration.

    Measure the molar concentration of the solution.

  2. Next, determine the volume.

    Measure the volume of solutions.

  3. Next, determine the formula weight.

    Calculate the formula weight/density in g/mol.

  4. Finally, calculate the mass.

    Calculate the mass using the equation above.


What is mass molarity?

Mass molarity is a total mass of a solution calculated using the molarity and weight of a substance.

How can you calculate the mass of a solution using molarity?

Calculating the mass of a solution can be done through the formula M = C*V*W described more in detail above.

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