McNemar Test Calculator

Enter the values of b and c into the calculator to determine chi squared using the Mcnemar test.

Mcnemar Test Formula

The following formula is the Mcnemar test for calculating chi-squared.

X^2 = (b-c) ^2 / (b+c)

  • Where X^2, chi-square, is the relationship between data sets.
  • b and c are the values of bc and c in a 2×2 contingency table

Mcnemar Test Definition

A mcnemar test is a formula used for calculating the chi-square value between two tests. This value shows the relationship between those two tests in how closely they match each other.


How to perform Mcnemar Test?

  1. First, determine the values of B and C.

    Set up your 2×2 contingency table between experiments and measure the values of B and C.

  2. Next, calculate chi-squared.

    Calculate X^2 using the formula above.


What is chi-squared?

Chi-squared, also known as X^2, is the value of the test statistic between experiments or tests.

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