Enter the total number of radians into the calculator to convert it into a milliradian.

Milliradian Formula

The following formula is used to convert radians to milliradians:

mrad = rad * 1000
  • Where mrad is milliradians
  • rad is radians

To calculate the milliradians, multiply the radians by 1000.


What is a milliradian?

A milliradian is defined as 1 / 1000th of a radian, hence the name milli, which always stands for 1000.

Example of Radian to Milliradian Conversions

1 radians1000 milliradians
2 radians2000 milliradians
.5 radians500 milliradians
.02 radians20 milliradians
.001 radians1 milliradian


What is the significance of using milliradians in measurements?

Milliradians are significant in measurements because they offer a high degree of precision, especially in fields like ballistics, surveying, and optics. This precision is crucial for accurate targeting, mapping, and lens focusing.

How does the conversion from radians to milliradians enhance accuracy in practical applications?

Converting radians to milliradians enhances accuracy by breaking down the measurement into smaller units. This allows for more detailed and precise adjustments, which is particularly useful in applications requiring fine-tuning, such as artillery aiming and engineering projects.

Are there specific fields or industries where milliradians are predominantly used?

Yes, milliradians are predominantly used in the military for artillery and firearms targeting, in astronomy for measuring angular sizes and distances, in engineering for precision manufacturing and design, and in optics for aligning and focusing devices.