Mol Calculator (moles)

Enter the total number of grams of the substance and the molecular weight into the calculator to determine the total number of moles.

Mol Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the total number of moles of a substance.

m = M / mw

  • Where m is the number of moles
  • M is the mass (grams)
  • mw is the molecular weight (grams/mole)

Mol Definition

A mole is a unitless measure that describes the number of atoms in a particular amount of substance.

Mol Example

How to calculate the number of moles?

  1. First, determine the mass.

    Measure the total mass of the substance.

  2. Next, determine the molecular mass.

    Calculate the molecular mass.

  3. Finally, calculate the number of moles.

    Calculate the number of moles using the equation above.


What is a mole?

A mole is a unitless measure that describes a certain number of atoms in a substance. To calculate the number of moles from atoms, navigate to the calculator linked above.

What is molecular weight?

Molecular weight is a measurement that is similar to density. Instead of mass per unit volume, its a mass per mole.

mol calculator
mol formula

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