Enter the standard potential, temperature, ion charge, and reaction quotient into the calculator to determine the reduction potential.

Nernst Equation

The following formula is used to calculate the reduction potential of a cell reaction.

E = E0 – (R*T)/(Z*f) * ln (Q)

  • Where E is the reduction potential
  • E0 is the standard potential
  • R is the gas constant
  • T is the temperature in kelvin
  • z is the ion charge
  • F is the Faraday constant
  • Q is the reaction quotient

Nernst Equation Definition

The Nernst equation is an equation that relates the reduction potential of an electrochemical reaction to the standard electrode potential, and conditions of the reaction.


How to calculate reduction potential?

  1. First, determine the standard potential.

    Calculate the standard electrode potential.

  2. Next, determine the temperature.

    Measure the temperature of the reaction in Kelvin.

  3. Next, determine the ion charge.

    Calculate the total ion charge.

  4. Next, determine the reaction quotient.

    Determine the reaction quotient.

  5. Finally, calculate the reduction potential.

    Calculate the reduction potential using the equation above.


What is a cell potential?

A cell potential is a measure of the total electric potential of a electrochemical reaction.

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