Neutralization Reaction Calculator

Enter the weight of acid of base, the volume of acid or base, and the normality into the calculator to determine the equivalent weight of acid or base.

Neutralization Reaction Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the equivalent weight of an acid or base undergoing a neutralization reaction.

EW = (W/V) * N

  • Where EW is the equivalent weight of acid or base (g)
  • W is the present weight of acid or base (g)
  • V is the total number of acid or base
  • N is the normality

Neutralization Reaction Definition

A neutralization reaction is the process of when an acid and base react to form water and salt.

Neutralization Reaction Example

How to calculate a neutralization reaction?

  1. First, determine the weight of the acid or base.

    Calculate the total weight of either the acid or base.

  2. Next, determine the volume.

    Calculate or measure the volume of the same acid or base.

  3. Next, determine the normality.

    You can use the calculator linked above to determine the normality.

  4. Finally, calculate the equivalent weight.

    Calculate the equivalent weight of the acid or base needed for the reaction.


What is an acid?

An acid is a molecule that has the ability to form a covalent bond with an electron pair.

neutralization reaction calculator
neutralization reaction formula