Nusselt Number Calculator

Enter the convective heat transfer coefficient, characteristic length, and thermal conductivity of the fluid to determine the nusselt number.

Nusselt Number Formula

The following equation can be used to calculate the Nusselt number of a given system.

N = h * L / k

  • Where N is the nusselt number
  • h is the convective heat transfer coefficient
  • L is the characteristic length
  • k is the thermal conductivity of a fluid

Nusselt Number Definition

A Nusselt number is a measure of the rate of heat transfer between a moving fluid and a solid body.

Nusselt Number Example

How to calculate Nusselt number?

  1. First, determine the convective heat transfer coefficient.

    Calculate the convective heat transfer coefficient.

  2. Next, determine the length.

    Measure the length of the contact between the fluid and solid.

  3. Next, determine the thermal conductivity.

    Calculate the thermal conductivity of the fluid.

  4. Finally, calculate the Nusselt Number.

    Calculate the Nusselt number using the formula above.


What is the Nusselt Number?

The Nusselt number is a dimensionless unit used to calculate heat transfers between a moving fluid and a solid body.

How is the Nusselt number calculated?

The Nusselt number is calculator by multiply the convective coefficient by the length, and then dividing by the conductivity of the moving fluid.

What is the convective heat transfer coefficient?

The convective heat transfer coefficient is the rate at which the container conducts heats with the outside atmosphere.

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