Enter the total number of hits, walks, times hit by pitch, at-bats, and sacrifice flies into the calculator. The calculator will evaluate and display the true on-base percentage.

On Base Percentage Formula

The following equation is used to calculate a true on-base percentage.

OB% = (H + W + HBP) / (AB + W + HBP + SF)

  • Where OB% is the on-base percentage
  • H is the total number of hits
  • w is the total number of walks
  • AB is the number of at-bats
  • HBP is the total number of hits by pitch
  • SF is a sacrifice fly

What is on base percentage?

On-base percentage is a measure of a batter’s efficiency in getting on base when up to bat. Often this is represented in a decimal form or ratio, but can also be represented as a percentage. The higher the OB% the better the baseball player is likely to be.

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