On Base Percentage Calculator (Official)

Enter the total number of hits, walks, times hit by pitch, at bats, and sacrifice flies into the calculator. The calculator will evaluate and display the true on base percentage.

On Base Percentage Formula

The following equation is used to calculate a true on base percentage.

OB% = (H + W + HBP) / (AB + W + HBP + SF)

  • Where OB% is the on base percentage
  • H is the total number of hits
  • w is the total number of walks
  • AB is the number of at bats
  • HBP is the total number of hits by pitch
  • SF is sacrifice fly

What is on base percentage?

On base percentage is a measure of a batters efficiency on getting on base when up to bat. Often this is represented in a decimal form or ratio, but can also be represented as a percentage. The higher the OB% the better the baseball player is likely to be.

on base percentage calculator