Overtime Calculator

Enter your normal pay rate, overtime pay multiplier, and total overtime hours worked to calculate the total overtime pay earned.

Overtime Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the total overtime pay:

OP = OH * NP * OR

  • Where OP is the overtime pay
  • OH is the total number of overtime hours worked
  • NP is the is the normal pay rate
  • OR is the overtime rate or overtime multiplier

How to calculate overtime pay

  1. Determine your normal pay rate

    Find your normal pay rate.

  2. Determine the total number of overtime hours worked

    This is typically any number of hours worked over the normal 40 hour work week for hourly employees.

  3. Determine your overtime rate.

    The overtime rate is also known as the overtime multiplier. It’s some multiple of your normal pay. For example time and a half is a multiplier of 1.5.


What is overtime pay?

Overtime pay is extra money earned from hours worked over what a worker is typically expected or contracted to work.

What is an overtime multiplier?

An overtime multiplier is a factor increase in pay over a normal rate. Double pay is a 2 times multiplier.

How many overtime hours can i work?

The number of overtime hours that a worker can work for one company is not set exactly. It can theoretically be as many hours as possible that is healthy for the employee.

overtime calculator

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