Parallel Capacitor Calculator

Enter the capacitance of up to 8 capacitors in parallel into the the calculator below to calculate the total resulting capacitance. Capacitors in parallel increase the overall capacitance.

Parallel Capacitor Formula

The following equation can be used to calculate the total resulting capacitance of a set of capacitors in a parallel configuration.

C = C1 + C2 + C3….

  • Where C is the total capacitance
  • and C1 – CX are the individual capacitance’s of each capacitor

As can be seen in the formula above, capacitors in parallel yield a significantly larger capacitance then ones in a series. This is because in parallel each capacitor sees the same voltage, while in a series that voltage is split. Since capacitance is calculated through charge and voltage, the capacitance therefore depends on the volts running through each capacitor.

The units for the equation above are in Farads, the standard unit for capacitance.

Parallel Capacitor Calculator
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