Enter the absolute temperature of any block-body radiation into the calculator to determine the peak wavelength.

Peak Wavelength Formula

The following formula, derived from Wien’s Law, is used to calculate a peak wavelength.

λpeak = b / T
  • Where λpeak is the peak wavelength (m)
  • b is Wien’s displacement constant (2.897771955 * 10^-3 m*K)
  • T is the absolute temperature (K)

To calculate a peak wavelength, divide Wien’s displacement constant by the absolute temperature.

What is a peak wavelength?

Peak wavelength is the maximum wavelength that black-body radiation will reach given its temperature.

The peak wavelength is governed by Wien’s Law that states that the temperature and wavelength of the radiation are inversely proportional.

How to calculate peak wavelength?

The following example problem outlines the steps and information required in order to calculate the peak wavelength of radiation.

First, determine the displacement constant. In all cases, this is equal to 2.897771955 * 10^-3 m*K.

Next, determine the absolute temperature of the radiation. For this example, problem, the absolute radiation is measured to be 5000 degrees kelvin (k).

Finally, calculate the peak wavelength using the formula above:

λpeak = b / T

λpeak = 2.89771955*10^-3 / 5000

λpeak = 5.795 e^-7 meters