Perpendicular Bisector Calculator

Enter the coordinate points of two different points into the calculator to determine the perpendicular bisector through those points.

Perpendicular Bisector Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the perpendicular bisector through two points.

Y-Y1 = m*(x-X1)

  • Where m is the slope = (Y2-Y1)/(X2-X1)
  • Y2 and Y1 are the two y coordinates
  • X2 and X1 are the two x coordinates

Perpendicular Bisector Definition

A perpendicular bisectors is a line that connects two points and is also perpendicular to the lines of those points.

Perpendicular Bisector Example

How to calculate the perpendicular bisector

  1. First, determine the coordinate points

    Measure or calculate the coordinate points in the x and y plane.

  2. Next, calculate the slope

    Calculate the slope (m) using the formula (y2-y1)/(x2-x1).

  3. Finally, calculate the perpendicular bisector

    Calculate the equation of the line of the perpendicular bisector using the formula above.


What is a perpendicular bisector?

A perpendicular bisector is a line perpendicular to the line that connects two points and also intersects that same line.

What is the slope of the perpendicular line?

The slope of the perpendicular line is given using the formula above.

perpendicular bisector calculator
perpendicular bisector formula