Enter the pixel size along the width and height and the PPI into the calculator to determine the print size.

Pixel To Print Size Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the pixel to print size.

S = P / PPI

  • Where S is the size of the length or width
  • P is the pixels along one direction
  • PPI is the number of pixels per inch

Pixel to Print Size Definition

Converting pixels to a print size is done by dividing the pixels along the length and the height by the number of pixels per inch that the printed page is specified for. The pixel per inch is a measure of the resolution of the printer.

Pixel to Print Size Example

How to calculate print size from pixels?

  1. First, determine the pixels along the length and width.

    For this example, we will say the pixels are 1040 X 920.

  2. Next, determine the PPI.

    The PPI is found to be 100 pixels per inch.

  3. Finally, calculate the print size.

    Using the formula above we find the print size to be (1040/100 X 920/100) = 10.40 X 9.20 inches.


What is a pixel?

A pixel is one unit of area of a screen that an image is displayed through. The more pixels on the screen the higher the resolutions.

pixel to print size calculator
pixel to print size formula