Enter the volume of a plate and the surface area of a plate into the calculator to determine the thickness.

Plate Thickness Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the thickness of a plate.

T = V / SA
  • Where T is the thickness
  • V is the volume
  • SA is the surface area

To calculate the plate thickness, simply divide the plate volume by the plate area.

What is the thickness of a plate?

Plate thickness is a function of the volume and surface area of the plate. With a constant volume, the larger the plate surface area, the smaller the thickness becomes and vise versa.

Choosing the correct thickness of a plate for a project usually depends on the size and weight constraints of the project.

How to calculate plate thickness?

Example Problem:

The following example problem outlines how to calculate the thickness of a plate.

First, determine the volume of the plate. In this example, the volume is given as 1000 square inches (in^2)

Next, determine the surface area of the plate. The surface area of this plate is measured to be 500 square inches (in^2)

Finally, calculate the plate thickness using the formula above:

T = V / SA

T = 1000 / 500

T = 2 inches thick