Enter the total size of the pool in gallons and the pull turnover rate into the calculator to determine the pool flow rate.

Pool Flow Rate Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the pool flow rate.

 PFR = G / TR  
  • Where PFR is the pool flow rate (gallons/minute (GPM))
  • G is the size of the pool in gallons
  • TR is the turnover rate of the pool in minutes.

To calculate the pool flow rate, divide the size of the pool by the turnover rate.

The turnover rate is the total time it takes for the pool to completely fill to full from empty, or in other words, to replace all the water in the pool.

What is a pool flow rate?

A pool flow rate is defined as the total volume of water, typically expressed in gallons, that enters and leaves a pool on a per-minute basis.

How to calculate pool flow rate?

The following example problem outlines the steps and information needed to calculate a pool flow rate.

First, determine the total size of the pool in gallons. For this example, the pool is 2,000 gallons.

Next, determine the turnover rate of the pool. The turnover rate of this pool is found to be 180 minutes.

Finally, calculate the pool flow rate using the formula above:

PFR = G / TR

PFR = 2000 / 180

PFR = 11.11 GPM