Enter your total body weight and select your type of push-up. The calculator will evaluate and display the amount of weight you are “lifting” with each push-up.

Push Up Weight Formula

The following equations are used to calculate your “push up weight” or in other words the amount of weight you lift with each push-up..

Modified Push Up (knees on ground)Full Push Up
Up Position 53.56% bodyweight supported69.16% bodyweight supported
Down Position 61.80% bodyweight supported75.04% bodyweight supported
push up weight

What is push-up weight?

Push-up weight is the total weight you are lifting while performing the exercise of a push-up. The reason there are two values in the table is that at different portions of the push-up, your body is at a different angle relative to the ground. This angle affects the total amount being lifted.

Push Up Weight Example

How to calculate pushup weight?

First, determine the weight of the individual. For this example, the individual is measured to weigh 200 lbs.

Next, determine the style of pushup the person will be performing. In this case, the person is doing a standard pushup in the down position.

Finally, calculate the amount of weight the person is pushing during the exercise.

Referencing the table above, it’s seen that the push-up weight is 75.04% of the person’s body weight.

= 200 * .7504

= 150.08


What is a push-up weight?

A push-up weight is the amount of weight you are supporting while performing the exercise of a pushup.