Push Up Weight Calculator

Enter your total body weight and select your type of push up. The calculator will evaluate and display the amount of weight your are “lifting” with each push up.

Push Up Weight Formula

The following equations are used to calculate your “push up weight” or in other words the amount of weight you lift with each push up.

Modified Push Up (knees on ground)Full Push Up
Up Position 53.56% bodyweight supported69.16% bodyweight supported
Down Position 61.80% bodyweight supported75.04% bodyweight supported
push up weight

What is push up weight?

Push up weight is the total weight you are lifting while performing the exercise of a push up. The reason their are two values in the table about is because at different portions of the push up, your body is at a different angle relative to the ground. This angle effects the total amount being lifted.

Push Up Weight Example

How to calculate push up weight?

  1. First, determine your weight.

    Measure your weight in pounds.

  2. Next, determine your position.

    Determine if you are in the up or down position.

  3. Next, determine your type of pushup.

    Determine if you are doing a normal or modified pushup.

  4. Finally, calculate your push up weight.

    Using the formula above, calculate your push up weight.


What is a push up weight?

A push up weight is an amount of weight you are supporting while performing the exercise of a pushup.

push up weight calculator

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