Enter the initial and final values of a data or indicator into the calculator to determine the relative change as a percentage.

Relative Change Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the relative change of a value.

R = (B-A) / B * 100
  • Where R is the relative change of B with respect to A (%)
  • B is the final value
  • A is the initial value

To calculate a relative change, subtract the initial value from the final value, divide by the final value, the multiply by 100.

Relative Change Definition

Relative change is a measure of change of one value with respect to another value. Often times it’s presented as a percentage, but can also be a simple ratio.

Relative Change Example

How to calculate relative change?

  1. First, determine the final value.

    Calculate the final value B.

  2. Next, determine the initial value.

    Calculate the initial value A.

  3. Finally, calculate the relative change.

    Calculate the relative change of B with respect to A.


What is relative change?

Relative change is the relative change of one value to another.