Enter your total monthly take-home pay into the calculator to estimate the max amount you should spend on rent every month.

Rent Budget Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the rent budget you should consider spending every month.

R = M * SF

  • Where R is the rent budget
  • M is your monthly take-home pay
  • SF is a savings factor
    • Maximum savings : SF = .15
    • Average savings: SF = .25
    • Minimal savings: SF = .35

Rent Budget Definition

A rent budget is defined as the amount of money a person should spend on rent based

Rent Budget Example

How to determine a rent budget?

  1. First, determine your take home.

    Calculate your monthly take home pay after taxes.

  2. Next, determine you desired savings.

    Determine your desired savings rate.

  3. Finally, calculate your budget.

    Calculate your budget using the equation above.


What is the maximum amount someone should spent on rent?

The recommended maximum someone should spend on rent is typically 35% of your take-home pay for normal earners. it will ultimately depend on other expenses.

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