Enter the source voltage and resistances of two resistors into the calculator. The calculator will evaluate and display the voltage output of the circuit.

Resistor Divider Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the output voltage of a circuit with two resistors.

Vo= Vs * R2 / (R1 + R2)
  • Where Vo is the output voltage
  • Vs is the voltage source
  • R1 and R2 are the resistances of the resistors.

To calculate the output voltage of a resistor divider, multiply the source voltage by the resistance of the 2nd resistor, then divide the result by the sum of both resistances.

Resistor Divider Definition

A resistor divider is a type of circuit with two resistors that changes the output voltage of a given source voltage. Its main use is to reduce voltage output.

Resistor Divider Example

How to calculate output voltage of a resistor divider?

  1. First, determine the source voltage.

    Measure the voltage of the source.

  2. Next, measure the resistances.

    Measure each of the individual resistances.

  3. Finally, calculate the output voltage.

    Calculate the output voltage using the resistor divider equation above.


What is a resistor divider?

A resistor divider is a particular type of circuit that divides an input voltage into two equal output voltages.