Enter the total amount of new revenue brought in by leads and the number of qualified sales leads into the calculator to determine the revenue per sales lead.

Revenue Per Sales Lead Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the Revenue Per Sales Lead.


  • Where RPSL is the revenue per sales lead
  • TNR is the total new revenue brought in by all leads
  • SQL are the number sales qualified leads

To calculate the revenue per sales lead, simply divide the total new revenue brough in by all leads by the total number of new qualified sales leads.

What is a Revenue Per Sales Lead ?


If you offer a product or service that is purchased by a lead, then you may have heard of Revenue Per Sales Lead (RPSL). It’s a metric that many companies use to analyze sales leads and prioritize which leads are more likely to result in revenue for the company.

Revenue per sales lead is the amount of revenue generated by a single sales lead. A sales lead can be identified as an inquiry, an application, or any other type of form submitted by a potential client. Once you understand what RSPL is, you can start taking steps towards improving your lead-to-sales conversion rate.

Why Is RSPL Important?

The importance of RSPL has to do with the costs associated with creating leads for your company – for example, paying for advertising campaigns or hiring full-time staff just to generate leads. If your cost-per-lead (CPL) is $500 but your revenue-per-lead (RPL) is $100, then it doesn’t make sense to continue spending money on generating leads.

The best case scenario would be to maximize revenue per sales lead as it means your company is getting maximum amount of revenue without having to invest in costly marketing campaigns or spending on expensive campaigns.