RFM Calculator (Relative Fat Mass)

Select your gender, enter your height, and enter your waist circumference into the calculator to determine your relative fat mass.

RFM Formula

The following equations are used to calculate the relative fat mass.

RFMM = 64 – 20 * (H/W)

RFMF = 76 – 20 * (H/W)

  • Where RFMM and RFMF are the relative fat mass for male and females respectively
  • H is height (in)
  • W is waist circumference (in)

RFM Definition

RFM is short for relative fat mass and it is an estimate of a persons body fat weight using your height and waist circumference.

RFM Example

How to calculate relative fat mass?

  1. First, determine your height.

    Measure your height in inches.

  2. Next, determine your waist circumference.

    Measure your waist circumference in inches.

  3. Finally, calculate the RFM.

    Calculate the RFM using the formula above.


What is RFM?

RFM standard for relative fat mass. Relative fat mass if a measure of your body fat percentage using your height and waist circumference. It’s less accurate than other measures of body fat, but a better indication of fitness than BMI.

What is a good body fat %?

The healthy range of body fat % for males is 8-12% and 11-15% for females.

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