Enter the torque and the angular velocity into the calculator to calculator the HP of the rotating mass. This is also considered the rotational power.

Rotating Mass Hp Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the horsepower output of a rotating mass.

P = t * w /746
  • Where P is the power (Horsepower)
  • t is the torque (N*m)
  • w is the angular velocity (rad/s)

To calculate the hp of a rotating mass, multiply the torque by the angular velocity, then divide by 746.

What is rotating mass hp?


Rotating mass hp, or rotating mass horsepower, is a measure of the total power contained by a rotating mass. The standard units of power are Joules per second, but horsepower is also a common unit of power.

How to calculate rotating mass hp?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines how to calculate the horsepower of a rotating mass.

First, determine the torque. In this example, the torque is measured to be 1000 N*m.

Next, determine the angular speed. The angular velocity is measured to be 25 rad/s.

Finally, calculate the horsepower using the formula above:

P = t * w /746

P = 1000*25 /746

P = 33.51 HP