Enter the normal operating pressure into the calculator to determine the rupture disk burst pressure.

Rupture Disk Burst Pressure Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the Rupture Disk Burst Pressure.

BP = OP * SF 
  • Where BP is the burst pressure
  • OP is the operating pressure
  • SF is the safety factor
    • The most common recommendation is that the burst pressure should be at least 20% above the operating pressure which would be a safety factor of 1.2.

To calculate the rupture disk burst pressure, multiply the operating pressure by the safety factor.

What is a Rupture Disk Burst Pressure?


A rupture disk is a device used to relieve pressure when the pressure of a system reaches past a certain point. The burst pressure of the disk is a measure of the pressure the disk can take before it ruptures.

How to Calculate Rupture Disk Burst Pressure?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines the steps and information needed to calculate Rupture Disk Burst Pressure.

First, determine the operating pressure. The operating pressure for this device is 100 (Pa).

Next, determine the safety factor. We will use the minimum requirement of a safety factor of 1.2.

Finally, calculate the rupture disk burst pressure using the formula above:

BP = OP * SF

BP = 100* 1.2

BP = 120 (Pa)