Enter the air consumed during dive, time of dive, and the total pressure at the average depth.

Sac Rate Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the surface air consumption rate.

SAC Rate = ACD / DT / P 
  • Where SAC rate is the surface air consumption per minute (psi/min)
  • ACD is the total air consumed during a dive (psi)
  • DT is the total dive time (min)
  • P is the total pressure at depth (atm)

To calculate the SAC rate, divide the air consumed by the dive time and then again by the total pressure at depth.

SAC Rate Definition

SAC Rate is short for surface air consumption rate. It is a measure of the total air consumption rate of a scuba diver while diving at a specific depth.

What is a good SAC Rate?

An experienced diver will typically have a sac rate of fewer than 18 liters per minute

SAC Rate Example

How to calculate a SAC Rate?

  1. First, determine the total air consumed during a dive.

    Measure the total air consumed during the dive.

  2. Next, determine the total dive time.

    Measure the total dive time in minutes.

  3. Next, determine the pressure at dive depth.

    Determine the pressure.

  4. Finally, calculate the sac rate.

    Calculate the sac rate using the equation above.


What is a SAC rate?

A sac rate is a measure of the surface air consumption rate during a scuba dive.

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