Enter the resolution and PPI into the calculator to convert between resolution and scale.

Scale Resolution Formula

The following formula is used to convert a resolution to a scale.

Scale = 1: (R * PPI) 
  • Where R is the resolution (inches)
  • PPI is the pixels per inch
  • The scale is the ratio 1: X

To calculate scale from resolution, multiply the resolution in inches by the pixels per inch.

Scale Definition

Scale vs resolution? A resolution is a measure of the total size that one pixel represents. For example, a satellite image in a resolution could be 1,000 inches per pixel.

Example Problem

How to convert resolution to scale?

  1. First, determine the resolution.

    For this example, the resolution is 2 inch.

  2. Next, determine the PPI.

    The PPI in this problem is 20 pixels per inch.

  3. Finally, calculate the scale.

    The scale is then found to be 1:40.