Scale Resolution Calculator (Resolution to Scale Conversion)

Enter the resolution and PPI into the calculator to convert between resolution and scale.

Scale Resolution Formula

The following formula is used to convert a resolution to a scale.

Scale = 1: (R * PPI)

  • Where R is the resolution (inches)
  • PPI is the pixels per inch
  • The scale is the ratio 1: X

Scale Definition

Scale vs resolution? A resolution is a measure of the total size that one pixel represents. For example, in a satellite image in a resolution could be 1,000 inches per pixel.

Example Problem

How to convert resolution to scale?

  1. First, determine the resolution.

    For this example, the resolution is 2 inch.

  2. Next, determine the PPI.

    The PPI in this problem is 20 pixels per inch.

  3. Finally, calculate the scale.

    The scale is then found to be 1:40.

scale resolution calculator
scale resolution formula