Snow Day Calculator

Calculate your chance of having a snow day based on the number of inches of accumulated snow and your state of occupancy.

What are my chances of having a snow day? 

Your chances of having a snow day are mostly dependent on where you live. This is because states that see a lot of snow are more prepared to deal with it. For instance, in a state like Maine, it may take up to 12″ or more just to cancel schools. They see big snow storms every year and are prepared with trucks and salt to keep the road ways clear. 

A state like South Carolina is the opposite. They rarely see snow, and as a result they don’t have barely any equipment to deal with it. When they see even an inch of snow it can shut down highways completely. This means that even a trace amount of snow will cancel schools. 

This calculator takes the average amount of snow it takes to cancel schools in a given state and converts it to a percent, but that does now mean it will be the same for every county in the state. 

For example, in New Jersey, the northern end of the state sees anywhere from 2 to 3 times more snow than the very southern part of the state. Because of this, Northern New Jersey is much more prepared for snow, and it may take anywhere close to 8″ to cancel schools while it my only take 3-4″ in southern New Jersey to cancel schools. The same goes for eastern and western PA.