Solenoid Force Calculator

Enter the current, number of turns, area, and gap length into the calculator to determine the solenoid force.

Solenoid Force Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the force produced by a solenoid.

F= (n*I)^2 * c * A / ( 2 * d^2)

  • Where F is the force (newtons)
  • n is the number of turns
  • I is the current (amps)
  • c is a constant (12.566*10^-7)
  • A is the area (m^2)
  • D is the distance between the solenoid and the metal


What is a solenoid?

A solenoid is a device made up of a coil of wires, a housing, and an armature. When electric current flows through the wire, a magnetic field is produced?

How does a solenoid produce force?

A solenoid produces force through the magnetic field it generates while under an electric current.

solenoid force calculator

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