Specificity Calculator

Enter the total number of true negatives and number of false positives into the calculator to determine the specificity.

Specificity Formula

The following formula can be used to calculate specificity.

S = # TN / (# TN +# FP)

  • Where S is the specificity
  • TN is the number of true negatives
  • FP is the number of false positives


What is specificity?

Specificity is a statistical measure of the performance of a classification test. It measures the proportion of negatives that are correctly identified.

How to calculate Specificity

Let’s take a look at an example of calculating specificity. Let’s assume we have a binary test. In the end we find that the number of true negatives is 100. With that same test, we find that the number of false positives is 10. Using the formula above, we find the specificity to be 100/ (100+10) = .909 specificity.

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