Spherical Cap Calculator

Enter the radius and height of a spherical cap into the calculator to determine both the volume and area of the cap.

Spherical Cap Formula

The following equation can be used to calculate the volume and area of a spherical cap.

V = [ pi * h^2 * (3*r-h) ] / 3

A = 2* pi * r * h

  • Where V is the volume
  • A is the area
  • h is the height
  • r is the radius
spherical cap

Spherical Cap Definition

A spherical cap is defined as the volume and area contained within a portion of a sphere.

Spherical Cap Example

How to calculate a spherical cap?

  1. First, determine the radius.

    Measure the radius of the sphere.

  2. Next, determine the height.

    Measure the height of the cap.

  3. Finally, calculate the volume and area.

    Calculate the volume and area using the formulas above.


What is a spherical cap?

A spherical cap is a partial portion of a sphere, typically less that half of the sphere.

How is the volume calculated for a spherical cap?

The volume is calculated using the formula above.

spherical cap calculator
spherical cap formula

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