Enter the total steam leakage rate, operational hours per day, and the cost per kg of steam produced into the calculator to determine the steam leak cost.

Steam Leak Cost Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the Steam Leak Cost.

  • Where SLC is the steam leak cost ($/day)
  • A is the steam leakage rate (kg/hr)
  • B is the operation hours per day (hr/day)
  • C is the cost of producing the steam ($/kg)

To calculate the cost of a steam leak, multiply the leakage rate by the operational hours per day, and by the cost of the steam.

What is a Steam Leak Cost?


A steam leak cost is a total loss, in dollars, a steam leak is costing a business per unit of time.

How to Calculate Steam Leak Cost?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines the steps and information needed to calculate Steam Leak Cost.

First, determine the leakage rate. For this example, the steam leak rate is 50kg/hr.

Next, determine the operational hours of the steam per day. This steam system runs 16 hours per day.

Next, determine the cost to produce the steam per unit of weight. In this case, the steam unit cost is $.05/kg.

Finally, calculate the steam leak cost using the formula above:


SLC = 50*16*.05

SLC = 40 $/day