Enter the current steps per mm and the measured distance of the filament travel into the calculator to determine the new steps per mm.

Steps Per MM Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the steps per MM on a 3-D printer.

NS/MM = OS/MM * (100 / (D) ) 
  • Where NS/MM is the new steps per MM
  • OS is the old or current steps per MM
  • D is the distance the filament traveled (mm)

To calculate steps per mm, multiply the old steps per mm by 100 over the distance traveled by the filament.

What are steps per MM?


Steps per MM are a measure of the amount of distance in millimeters that a 3-D printer travels per step made by the printer.

How to calculate steps per MM?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines how to calculate steps per mm.

First, determine the previous or old steps per mm. In this example, the old steps per mm were 85 steps per mm.

Next, determine the total distance traveled. In this case, the total distance traveled is measured to be 120mm.

Finally, calculate the new steps per mm using the formula above:

NS/MM = OS/MM * (100 / (D) )

NS/MM = 85* (100 / 125)

NS/MM = 68 steps per mm