Enter your height and gender into the calculator. The calculator will evaluate and display the total number of steps it would take you to walk 1 mile.

Steps to Miles Formula

The following formula can be used to calculate the total number of steps to walk a mile.

S = 2500 * H * G
  • Where S is the total number of steps
  • H is the height factor
  • G is the gender factor

To calculate miles from steps, multiply the height factor and gender factor, then multiply by 2500.

Steps to Miles Definition

On average a human takes around 2500 steps to complete a mile while walking. (Running is a different story). However, this is just an average. To get a more accurate measure, height and gender both need to be taken into account. Taller people will need fewer steps since they have longer legs and women will need more steps because of a shorter gate.

Steps to Miles Definition

How to convert steps to miles?

  1. First, measure your height.

    Measure your height.

  2. Select your gender.

    Select your gender and enter your height from step 1 into the calculator above.

  3. Finally, calculate your average steps per mile.

    Calculate your steps per mile using the formula and calculator above.


What is a steps per mile?

Steps per mile measure the average number of steps it takes an individual to walk a mile at normal speed.