Enter the total charge and total surface area into the calculator to determine the surface charge density.

Surface Charge Density Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a surface charge density.

CD = q / A
  • Where CD is the surface charge density (C/m^2)
  • q is the total charge over the surface (C)
  • A is the total area (m^2)

To calculate the surface charge density, divide the total charge by the total area.

Surface Charge Density Definition

A surface charge density is a measure of electric charge per unit of area.

Surface Charge Density Example

How to calculate surface charge density?

  1. First, measure the area.

    Measure the total area that has a charge.

  2. Next, measure the charge.

    Measure the total electrical charge acting over the area from step 1.

  3. Finally, calculate the surface charge density.

    Calculate the surface charge density by dividing the charge by total area.


What is a surface charge density?

A surface charge density is a measure of charge acting on an object per unit area. Since charges often act on entire surfaces, it’s helpful to understand charges per unit area.

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