Enter the force and the length into the calculator to determine the surface tension.

Surface Tension Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a surface tension.

γ = 1/2 * F / L 
  • Where γ  is the surface tension (N/m)
  • F is the force (N)
  • L is the length (m)

To calculate the surface tension, divide the force by the length, then divide the result by 2.

Surface Tension Definition

Surface tension is defined as the force exerted on the surface of an object within a liquid.

Surface Tension Example

How to calculate surface tension?

  1. First, determine the force acting on the object.

    For this example the force is found to be 45 N.

  2. Next, determine the length.

    The length the force is acting on is found to be 10 m.

  3. Finally, calculate the surface tension.

    Using the formula we find the surface tension to be 1/2*45/10 = 2.25 N/m.


What is surface tension?

Surface tension is a force exerted on the surface of an object that is placed on top of a liquid. The force is caused by the tendency of the liquid to have the shape with the least surface area.