Enter the torque, length, and angle of twist into the calculator to determine the torsion constant.

Torsion Constant Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a torsion constant.

TC = t*L / a
  • Where TC is the torsion constant (N/deg or N/radians)
  • t is the torque (N-m)
  • a is the angle (degrees/radians)

To calculate a torsion constant, multiply the torque by the length, then, divide be the angle of twist.

What is a torsion constant?


A torsion constant is a measure of the total angle that an object or material will twist when a torque is applied.

How to calculate torsion constant?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines the information and steps needed to calculate a torsion constant.

First, determine the torque. In this example, the torque is measured to be 50 N-m.

Next, determine the length of the object. This object is measured to have a length of 3m.

Next, determine the angle of twist when the torque is applied. In this case, the angle is measured to be 30 degrees.

Finally, calculate the torsion constant using the formula above:

TC = t*L / a

TC = 50*3 / 30

TC = 5 N/deg