Enter the total number of square feet allocated per tree into the calculator to determine the trees per acre.

Trees Per Acre Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the total trees per acre in an area of land.

TPA = 43,560 / SFT
  • Where TPA is the total trees per acre
  • SFT is the square feet allotted for each tree

To calculate the trees per acre, divide 43,560 by the square feet alloted for each tree.

What determines the number of trees in an acrea?

Typically, when calculating the number of trees per acre, you are looking at a piece of land in which a company planted those trees.

Generally, these companies allow a certain area, in square feet, for each tree.

Dividing this number by the number of square feet in an acre yields the total number of trees per acre.

How to calculate trees per acre?

Example Problem:

The following problem outlines how to calculate trees per acre.

First, determine the total area allotted to each tree. In this example, each tree is given 125 square feet of room to grow into.

Next, the final and last step is to simply plug the square footage from the previous step into the formula above to calculate the trees per acre.

TPA = 43,560 / SFT

TPA = 43,560 / 125

TPA = 348.48 trees per acre