Enter the base of the triangle, the height of the triangle, and the depth of the pond into the calculator to determine the triangular pond volume.

Triangular Pond Volume Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the Triangular Pond Volume.

TPV = 1/2*b*h*d
  • Where TPV is the pond volume
  • b is the base of the pound
  • h is the height of the pond
  • d is the depth of the pond

To calculate the volume of a triangular bond, multiply one-half the base times the height times the depth.

What is a Triangular Pond Volume?


A triangular pond volume is the total volume occupied by a pound with a triangular shape.

How to Calculate Triangular Pond Volume?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines the steps and information needed to calculate Triangular Pond Volume.

First, determine the base of the pond. In this example, the pond has a base of 100 ft.

Next, determine the height of the pond. This pond has a height of 75 ft.

Next, determine the depth of the pond. The pond will have a depth of 5ft.

Finally, calculate the pond volume using the formula above:

TPV = 1/2*b*h*d

TPV = 1/2*100*75*5

TPV = 18750 Ft^3 = 140,259.74 gallons