Enter the number of trusses, cost per truss, labor cost, and time of work into the calculator to determine the total trusses cost.

Trusses Cost Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the total Trusses Cost.

TTC = T * CPT + LC*H
  • Where TTC is the total trusses cost ($)
  • #T is the number of trusses
  • CPT is the cost per truss ($/truss)
  • LC is the labor cost per hour ($/hour)
  • H is the total number of hours needed (hours)

What is the Average Cost of a Truss?


The average cost of a truss will depend on the size, style, and material used. The average cost can range anywhere from $1.5 per square foot to $6 per square foot. There are many different materials to use when installing a new roof truss system in your home.

How to Calculate Trusses Cost?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines the steps and information needed to calculate Trusses Cost.

  1. First, determine the number of trusses needed for the job. In this example, 20 trusses are needed.
  2. Next, determine the cost per trust. The cost per trust in this case it found to be $400/truss.
  3. Next, determine the labor cost per hour used to install the trusses. For this problem, the labor cost is $50/hour.
  4. Next, determine the number of hours needed to complete the job. This is estimated to be 20 hours.
  5. Finally, calculate the total cost using the formula above:
    • TTC = #T * CPT + LC*H
    • TTC = 20*40+50*20
    • TTC = $1,800.00.