Enter the net sales revenue ($) and the total assets ($) into the calculator to determine the Turnover Profit. 

Turnover Profit Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the Turnover Profit. 

TP = NS / TA
  • Where TP  is the Turnover Profit ($/$)
  • NS is the net sales revenue ($) 
  • TA is the total assets ($) 

How to Calculate Turnover Profit?

The following example problems outline how to calculate Turnover Profit.

Example Problem #1:

  1. First, determine the net sales revenue ($). In this example, the net sales revenue ($) is given as 500.
  2. Next, determine the total assets ($). For this problem, the total assets ($) is given as 200.
  3. Finally, calculate the Turnover Profit using the equation above: 

TP = NS / TA

The values given above are inserted into the equation below:

TP = 500 / 200 = 2.5 ($/$)


What is the significance of calculating Turnover Profit?

Calculating Turnover Profit helps businesses understand how efficiently they are using their assets to generate sales revenue. A higher turnover profit indicates a more efficient use of assets, which can lead to better financial health and competitiveness in the market.

Can Turnover Profit vary significantly between industries?

Yes, Turnover Profit can vary widely between industries due to differences in business models, capital intensity, and operational efficiencies. Industries with lower asset bases and higher sales volumes, such as retail, might exhibit higher turnover profits compared to capital-intensive industries like manufacturing.

How can a business improve its Turnover Profit?

A business can improve its Turnover Profit by increasing sales revenue through marketing and sales strategies, improving operational efficiencies to reduce costs, or optimizing asset utilization to get more value from existing assets. Additionally, reassessing and realigning the asset base to match current business needs can also lead to improvements.