Enter the maximum deviation from the average voltage and the average voltage into the calculator to determine the voltage imbalance.

Voltage Imbalance Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the Voltage Imbalance.

VI  = Vmd / Va * 100
  • Where VI is the voltage imbalance percentage (%)
  • Vmd is the maximum deviation from the average voltage (volts)
  • Va is the average voltage (volts)

To calculate the voltage imbalance, divide the maximum deviation of the voltage from the average by the average voltage, then multiply by 100.

What is Voltage Imbalance?


A voltage imbalance is a measure of the relative deviation from the average voltage that a system sees during operation. The larger the deviation, the larger the imbalance.

How to Calculate Voltage Imbalance?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines the steps and information needed to calculate Voltage Imbalance.

First, determine the maximum deviation from the average voltage the system sees during operation. In this example, the maximum deviation is measured to be 50 volts.

Next, determine the average operating voltage of the system. In this case, the average voltage is measured to be 400 volts.

Finally, calculate the voltage imbalance using the formula above:

VI % = Vmd / Va * 100

VI % = 50 / 400 * 100

VI % = 12.5 %