Enter the normal stress in the x and y direction along with the shears stress into the calculator. The calculator will evaluate and display the von mises stress.

Von Mises Stress Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the von mises stress acting on an object.

V = √(σx^2 - (σx * σy) + σy^2 + (3 *txy^2)) 
  • Where V is the Von Mises Stress
  • σx is the normal stress x component
  • σy is the normal Stress y component
  • τxy is the Shear Stress

Von Mises Stress Definitoin

A von Mises stress is a measure of the total overall stress acting on material included normal stress in the x and y direction as well as the shear stress.

Von Mises Stress Example

How to calculate Von Mises stress?

  1. First, calculate the normal stresses.

    Calculate the normal stress in the x and y planes.

  2. Next, determine the shear stress.

    Determine the total shear stress.

  3. Finally, calculate Von Mises stress.

    Calculate the Von Mises stress using the formula above.


What is von Mises stress?

Von Mises stress is used to determine if a ductile metal will yield when subjected to complex loading conditions. These complex loading conditions include x and y components of stress along with shear stress.

How is von mises stress calculted?

Von Mises stress is calculated using the 3 components of stress, x, y, and shear, and the formula above.

When was Von Mises stress discovered?

Von mises stress was first proposed in 1904 by Huber and later popularized by von Mises.